Why Women Choose Glamour Portraits?

This may be a question that you ask yourself when considering a portrait session; why choose glamour portraits, and what unique qualities will your glamour portraits provide?  I asked myself the same question when deciding to bring glamour & couture to my sessions in the Tampa/Sarasota/Bradenton suncoast region… and here are my thoughts, and heart on the subject, they may convince you too that a contemporary glamour session is both an experience, and style of photography that is a must have. CREATIVE PASSION

Many of us share a creative spark, we literally cannot thrive without the joy of creation; art, crafts, music, we desire a channel to explore a creative passion.  And in that spirit we also want to own, and share items that have the glow of creativity.  We marvel, and get a kick out of arts that are forged by a refined eye.  This is my experience as a glamour photographer; I want to style your hair, makeup, and dress you in my handmade couture dresses, so that your portraits, are not just plain-old portraits.  I want to glamorize you, and make art together.  So that's my story, here are some of the things you might get out of a glamour portrait-session.

Creative Passion Glamour portrait glamour studio with couture dresses


Let’s start with the confidence boost you get from my glamour sessions.  I completely understand the nervous & awkward feelings many of us have when being photographed. There's the anticipation of wondering how you'll look when we sit down to see your portraits.  Putting yourself out there is not an easy task…  But my experience with posing & styling portraits delivers every-time, I make you feel & look incredibly beautiful.  With one of my couture dresses we can transform you into a beautiful lady of noble descent on her way to a majestic ballroom dance, and more.  Your portraits are more than neat memorabilia, they can literally change the way you see yourself, strengthen self-esteem, and this empowers women.

Confidence boost-3


Everyone loves fine art, especially when it is connected with someone that we love.  Your glamour portraits will be something your loved ones desire as well.  We feel pride for our loved ones, and love seeing them at their best.  Trust me, your loved ones will undoubtably want copies of your glamour portraits, will talk about them, and cherish them greatly when separated by distance.

Fine Art Glamour Portrait-1


I often do paired glamour sessions.  You may want to bring mom, a sister, or your closest friend.  These sessions are seriously fun, and you see it in the photos.  There is nothing more bonding than something special you share together.  Make it a ‘girls day out’, bring a few fun girlfriends to be pampered together, experience group poses, and end the day by going out looking absolutely beautiful!  It works with bachelorette parties as well; you all end up with individual, group portraits, and something fun & unique to share.

Glamour Couture with best friend


For High School seniors, the glamour couture session is a dream come true. We match the dress with your style, play in the surf, and make your senior photo one of a kind.  You can book a session with your best friend, and enjoy timeless portraits of your friendship.

HS senior glamour-2

I hope this helps you to see why I love glamour portraits, and why you will too.  We are all guilty of procrastination; putting off certain luxurious that life has to offer is very common.  Don’t wait to shed those few pounds; don’t wait till your kids grow up; don’t wait, get started now.


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