Why I love Portrait Photography

I got my first camera on a trip to Minsk in Russia.  I was a teenager with big eyes for a classic Film Camera, while my fellow-travelers were hunting for pots of gold… seriously!  Gold was cheaper in Russia than Poland so it was a decent way to come-up during the trip, but a Camera has so much more potential! I photographed everything… wildlife, nature, landscapes, street performers, everything had an angle that I felt blessed to see.  But overtime I felt a growing passion to create beautiful expressions of people, to use every technique and creative tool that I own to make memorable portraits.

We all know how easy it can be to take something for granted.  I experienced this profoundly when I lost my father.  I didn't have a portrait of us all together.  I had a few point & shoot pics, but not the kind of photo that I wish I really had, the kind I would proudly display on a wall.  I have one snapshot of my dad and I taken only a couple of months before he passed.  He hugged me so tightly when we last parted that I can still feel him.  My father was an amazing man of many talents, and I will always miss him.  With hindsight I would’ve done two things differently; we would’ve spent more time together, and I would have had a professional portrait taken with the family.

There is an incredible power in having those memories captured, so take plenty of photos together, even the point & shoots, and take the time to say the things you're not used to saying.  And when you look at the photograph again when the time passes, your heart fills with the smile so deep that everything around you suddenly becomes brighter.

If I can help make this happen for you, and your loved ones, let's do a session.  Don't put it off for another day.  Take a moment and think of all the dear people in your life…  and then bring them all together in a photograph before it’s too late.


The man, who worked hard, but lived his dreams.  In WA state during my parents visit.  He always wanted to see the ocean with his own eyes...