What is in My Camera Bag

I never really talk about the equipment I use to photograph, but being challenged by my TSS group to blog about it, I’ve decided to accept the challenge and switch it up a bit.  Ever wondering what’s in my camera bag? I usually work in my studio space, so there is no need for a camera bag, but when on location I carry a few things with me.  Of course weddings are a completely different story, this is just my basic ‘to go’ bag.

Canon 5D Mark III camera50mm f/1.4 lens100mm f/2.8 macro lens

I have my 50mm lens mounted to my camera at all times.  This is my favorite combination.  It's my absolute 'to go' lens.  I switch to my 100mm on occasion for variety in looks, or if I just want to take details shots.  They are both great lenses!

I love my Kelly Moore Songbird camera bag!  I got it in black with the purpose to use for events.  When shooting weddings, I don’t want to stand out, so I keep all my bags in a darker shade.  I chose more professional look, but I do, however, like them in color, and I have another, b-Hobo bag in teal for different occasions.

Of course my memory cards – yes, I carry quite a few of them!  I like to have back ups, not just in case I run out of space, but sometimes I use different cards for different types of pictures or sessions.

Extra battery to never run out of juice!  Always with me and always freshly charged.

I always carry my camera manual with my camera, because you just never know.  It’s my security blanket for when something goes off.  It happened to me once and I found it very useful.

Business cards – I might leave my camera bag at home, but never leave without my business cards.

Notebook with a pen for any quick notes or ideas.  A little cleaning cloth for when I get a drop of rain or water on my lens.  And I also carry sanitizer, mints & of course my cell phone.

That’s it!  Now you know. ;)

What is in my camera bag?
Canon 5D Mark III camera with 50mm 1.4 lens
100mm 2.8 macro lens
Songbird camera bag by Kelly Moore
Memory cards for a Canon camera
Camera manual
Business cards and notebook with pen