Transform Your Inner Being in Photographs | Tampa Bay Glamour Photographer

Transform Your Inner Beauty in Photographs | Tampa Bay Glamour Photographer

Most people believe that it’s your heart, that makes others fall in love with you and not the outer appearance, and I, too, believe this with my whole being.  However, I’ve seen so many transformations in women in the past couple of years that happened just within hours making women look and feel incredibly confident & beautiful on the inside by having their photograph taken. Beauty makeover is a very powerful way to boost our confidence level.  With a little makeup, nice dress & some heels I can transform the way I feel about myself within minutes.  It’s almost unreal that I can become so confident by simply changing my outer appearance, but it’s true!  As an introvert, I find this a very helpful way to approach people in larger groups or events.  It helps me to feel more at ease & bold.

It wasn’t until I experienced the transformation myself; I truly understood that there is something else to “looking good” that makes us FEEL powerful & confident deep inside.  When we take care of our body, our mind heals & reveals the true beauty.

So enjoy these before & after images… the confidence in these women is strikingly beautiful!  This is why I love what I do. I get to see the real transformation & leave these women with something to remind them how beautiful & confidant they are.

Hair & Makeup: Bella Ti Artistry

Gorgeous beauty makeover of a high school senior girl
Beautiful cellist head shot - before and after
Fine art portrait & a makeover session of a woman with a green head piece
Transform Your Inner Being in Photographs
Before and after of a boudoir session
Before & after photo of a pregnant woman
Beauty makeover of a gorgeous red head