Romantic Couples Session on an Ocala Horse Farm

After 15 years in Seattle, 85 degrees with sunshine in September feels like a daily vacation!  Previously I rented studio space in Ballard from the talented photographer & CreativeLIVE host LaRae Lobdell; now I have my own studio in Sarasota.  I've developed a passion for studio photography, and know exactly how to style & pose my girls with the soft natural light.  Yet here I am, swimming in the delight of outdoor photography.  I admit, I'm loving it more than I anticipated.  The opportune weather is fantastic for on-location shoots, despite the short & abrupt tantrums from Zeus himself. Last weekend we shot on a charming ranch in Ocala with two adorable horses.  Stephanie L. Moore of B. Moore ARTistry did hair & makeup, and is a gifted HMUA, the girls look stunning.

We shot 3 more models that day, so I'll be posting more soon.  Thank you to everyone for another fun shoot!

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