Glam at the Ringling Museum with Shannon

I met Shannon at one of the networking events in Tampa.  I was drawn to her by her contaigious smile and warm personality.  You can just look at this woman and can't help smiling, as when she smiles every part of her being beams with joy.  Instantly she made me feel comfortable in her presence and welcomed. We met again in December over coffee and agreed to do a head swap.  We decided to start with Shannon’s glamour portrait session back in February.  I had just finished making a vintage hat and thought that she would be perfect to try it out!  With the makeover and choosing the dresses, we headed out to Ringling Museum of Art, which (as you can probably tell) has become one of my favorite locations for glamour portraits.  Shannon was gracious and full of joy, carrying a big smile on her face.  What a joy she was to photograph!

The following month my husband and I got to be photographed.  Shannon is an amazing storyteller and she certainly knows the best locations in St. Petersburg!  The long story short, I absolutely loved being photographed by Shannon.  She made me feel comfortable in front of the camera to the point that I completely forgot there was a camera.

See photos by Three Fish Fiesta here.

Thank you Shannon for this fun and adventurous experience!

Below are a few images of Shannon from her session.

_Ringling Glamour Shoot-Composite 3Ringling Glamour shoot-Shannon-H-2 Ringling Glamour shoot-Shannon-H-3 Such a genuine smile... _Ringling Glamour Shoot-Composite 6_Ringling Glamour Shoot-Composite 5 Dancing gracefully in vintage style. _Ringling Glamour Shoot-Composite 4 The picture on the right: I can just see her owning this mansion.  So much confidence in this gorgeous woman. Ringling Glamour shoot-Shannon-H-4

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