Portraits and Boxing

"Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping… waiting... and though unwanted... unbidden... it will stir... open its jaws and howl." - Joss Whedon I love that quote, almost as much as I love Firefly & Serenity ;)

One of my howling passions is contemporary portrait photography.  I style & pose young people, families, and women.  When we do a session together I style my shots to portray you at your best, where you're able to envision yourself on the cover of a magazine.  I want to hear & feel your excitement when we preview the photos from our session.

Another passion I'm grateful to have discovered is boxing.  One of our first goals after moving to Florida was to find a solid boxing gym and we didn't have to search for long.  What we found in Sarasota pushed my husband & I to the next level, and introduced us to a great community of enthusiastic boxers, organized by the infamous Tony Spain, former Golden Glove & Toughman champion.  Tony has an impressive career in the ring & training others with sparring & circuit training.

So I decided to take the gloves off for two days, and brought my camera to the gym to capture the action.

Enjoy the gallery below... just remember to keep your guard up, and contact me to schedule your own private portrait session.

More info about Absolute Boxing is online at http://absoluteboxingsarasota.com