A Story of a Beautiful Mother | Trinity Portrait Session

A Story of a Beautiful Mother | Trinity Portrait Session

The past few weeks have been personally some of the most fulfilling times for me. My mom came to visit all the way from Poland & I got to spend this whole time with her.  It was time filled with deep fulfillment for both of us, because for the first time in my life I bonded with my mother the way I never did before. I realized that we had never spent quality time together; just the two of us sharing & enjoying our moments… She always worked so hard, trying to balance her life between our family, work & taking care of her parents, that we never really had much time to bond. I left Poland nearly 16 years ago, and even though I visit every few years we never really spend much time together. Each visit is filled with people who want to see us; our relatives, friends… and with these visits comes sacrifice, we don’t get to enjoy each other as much as we’d like to.

When I decided to pursue photography, I promised myself that one day I would photograph my mother the way I photograph all women. It’s been 4 years since I saw her last, so I didn’t have a chance to fulfill my promise until just now. She’s 66 years old and the only professional photographs she had taken were her wedding portraits 45 years ago.

So I took my mom to Kayanna Beauty Salon in Dunedin for her very first pedicure; followed by manicure. My beautiful friend & business professional, Noell with Bella Ti Artistry, did her hair & makeup. She was glowing with excitement and I could tell something changed inside of her, because her face just lit up with deep appreciation & joy. She felt beautiful the way she hasn’t felt in a very long time.

My mother has portraits she loves, and she will always remember the experience & how it made her feel. And for us, her children? We have a beautiful photograph of our mother to keep & cherish forever. I cannot wait to have these photographs printed and hung on the wall!

Remember, take time to spend with your loved ones & don't forget to take photographs!

Special thank you to Noell for making us feel gorgeous & taking this picture of me with my mom!

Personal Story of a Beautiful Mother | Trinity Portrait Session
Portrait of a 66 year old mother of three