A Personal Blog - 10 Things About Me

* Photograph by: Three Fish Fiesta Today I decided to tell you a few things about me you might, or might not know... let's get to know each other.  Comment below and tell me something about you!

1.  My full name is Lucyna, but I go by Lucy.  When I was growing up I disliked my name so much, that when I went to High School and my English teacher called me Lucy, I didn’t oppose.  I owned it and ever since then it became my new identity.  Only years later I learned to love my name and not long ago I decided to name my business with my first and middle names.

2.  I come from a little town in south Poland called Konczyce, right on the boarder with Czech Republic.  I lived in Washington State for 14 years and moved to Florida almost a year ago.

3.  I love to create!  From painting, sketching, scrap-booking, making greeting cards & gluing pieces together to creating a wardrobe for my sessions.  Just put flower pieces in front of me, and I will transform them into something wearable.

4.  I have a degree in Music… After years of playing the piano and the guitar, recording, composing, conducting, singing in the choir, touring around Europe and pounding loads of technical knowledge into my head, I decided it wasn’t for me… still LOVED all those years filled with music, and wouldn’t change them for anything!

5.  I was a cardio kickboxing instructor back in WA at the private studio with full sized punching bags.  Loved it! Learned a lot about fitness, and met incredible people.  There is really nothing more fulfilling than helping others feel good about themselves.  I carried it over to photography.  I love making women feel beautiful through makeover & styling in couture fashion, making them feel like a model for a day.

6.  I can be both, an early bird or a night owl.  I love the quietness of the night and early mornings.  I like sleeping too, but once I wake up, staying in bed feels like a waste of time to me.

7.  I have been married for 10 years.  Lee and I eloped on Mar 5th of 2004, which happened to be a beautiful sunny day in Seattle.  It was the best decision I have ever made in my life!

8.  I have a huge fear of heights; yet, I loooved zooming through roller coaster rides at Bush Gardens & Sea World!  Would I do it again?  With a hint of fear – Heck, yeah!

9.  Best vacation?  Definitely the one when my “little” brother and my niece came to visit after we moved to FL. I have never felt so close to my family before and literally cherished every moment of it.

10.  Best adventure?  Climbing the Mt. St. Helens crater.  Challenging and so rewarding at the same time; the view from up there is breathtaking and it was the most serene place I’ve been to.

Now your turn; tell me something about YOU!