Modern Glamour Couture Portraits at Siesta Key Beach

If you are following my work, you know I love to incorporate couture dresses in my photoshoots and empower women with confidence of feeling beautiful in a Victorian & elegant style.  These dresses became very popular in my sessions, so I decided to host photographer’s meet up for our local photographer’s group to capture a couple of girls in an outdoor location. If you read my last blog post about the RETRO RED RIDING HOOD ENGAGEMENT SESSION, you know about the Tampa Shutter Sisters group.  A group of women photographers, who come together as friends, inspire and support each other.

One of the group members, Michele, found a couple of girls who agreed to model for us. Emma & Hali are also best friends, which made it even more exciting as there is nothing better than sharing this type of experience with your best friend!  We gathered at my studio and begun their hair & makeup.  Once the girls were ready, we picked a black dress with a peacock corset and the blue / green shoulder flower piece for Emma and a white dress with a Victorian corset and a neck / shoulder piece for Hali. They looked absolutely beautiful!  We all laughed and had a good time sharing some makeup & styling tips!

After the makeover we all headed out to the beach to meet with other photographers from our TSS group.  We went from posing the girls together and individually to a prop challenge Jessica came up with.  She brought a box of props, which each one of us used to pose Emma.  At the very end of the session Emma willingly indulged herself in freezing cold waters for a few final shots. This girl literally got wet from head to feet!

On the side note, just imagine the sight of 6 photographers and one model on the beach… yes, we definitely caused some traffic and brought some attention.  Emma became a star in a split second!

Here are some pictures from the session…  Beach sessions are absolutely my favorite, so if you feel connected to the beach as I do, give me a holler and book a session now.

Modern Glamour Couture Photoshoot-6Modern Glamour Couture-EmmaModern Glamour Couture Photoshoot-2Enchanted Fairytale Potoshoot 2xFrom our prop challenge. Modern Glamour Couture-5BEmma_H-7Enchanted Fairytale Potoshoot Emma-7Don't be deceived, even though Emma looks cozy in the picture above, she was actually sitting in the freezing Gulf waters! She made it look so effortless... Enchanted Fairytale Potoshoot Hali-5Enchanted Fairytale Potoshoot Hali-4Hali had the most vibrant smile :) Enchanted Fairytale Potoshoot Hali-3Enchanted Fairytale Potoshoot Hali-2Enchanted Fairytale Potoshoot Hali-1Enchanted Fairytale Potoshoot Emma & Hali-1Enchanted Fairytale Potoshoot Emma & Hali-2Enchanted Fairytale Potoshoot Emma & Hali-3

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