Making a Change

Today has been exactly 6 months since Lee and I left WA. We didn’t know a single soul here in FL, but we knew exactly what we wanted, so we packed our things and departed onto a new journey. So much has changed in our lives since then… -  We live in a house with a beautiful green backyard full of fruit trees and our own growing garden. Never knew how much work it takes to keep the house clean!

-  I can sit quietly in our lanai listening to flowing water in Lee’s hydroponics system – so incredibly relaxing!

- I've learned that my husband is even more gifted than I thought he was! He built his own hydroponics systems and his hot peppers grow faster than anything else in our garden. Yep, he definitely has a green thumb.

- It's sunny and warm every day. Even when it rains, it's still warm. I never had so much appreciation for the rain before.

- I have my own photography studio! Yes, dreams do come true.

-  I grow creatively making couture dresses for my photoshoots.

-  I’m incredibly inspired to photograph women and young girls playing makeup and dress up with them!

-  I love photographing outdoor, which I was never too passionate about in rainy WA. The rain just doesn’t go with my style.

-  We can go to the beach anytime, just because we can.

-  We met bunch of fun and interesting people and love spending time with them.

-  We are 5 hours closer to my family and friends in Europe… and I’ve learned that the shorter the distance, the harder it is to coordinate our Skype calls due to the time difference. BUT what a joy it will be to fly to Europe in just a few hours!

-  It’s not the crows we listen to anymore, but cheerful exotic birds – every day!

-  I wear shorts in November. Yep, and loving it!

-  I’m cold in low 70’s… yeah, but the truth is, it feels more like low 60’s in WA.

-  My skin became naturally darker by just running errands.

-  People are so laid back in FL… it can be highly contagious.

-  Gas costs less than in WA… just like everything else.

-  I’m more accepting of slow drivers.

-  I don’t remember last time I was stuck in traffic.

-  Yes, I miss my friends and family… but with today’s technology it's easy to stay in touch.

-  Never appreciated FB as much as I do now. I love knowing whereabouts of my friends and family and listening to their daily stories. It keeps us connected in some way.

-  I’m at peace and live every day with gratitude.

And there is so much more...  Overall, I live fulfilling life and I am much more focused on the things I want to do, and I don’t know if it’s the sun or the ability to do things I love, but whatever it is, works little miracles for me every day.  I’m incredibly grateful for this change and for what’s to come.  The truth is: the possibilities are endless wherever I am.

"I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes, you have an opportunity to change that." - Gillian Anderson