Maddie & Chase

Being photographed with your high school sweetheart!  Even though I specialize in photographing, styling and posing women, I love working with couples, especially young couples.  It's great to see how much they care for each other at this early stage of their relationship.  Those two make each other smile and are such a joy to be around.  Check it out! H_Maddie&Chase-7 H_Maddie&Chase-2 V_Maddie&Chase-2 V_Maddie&Chase-3V_Maddie&Chase-4 V_Maddie&Chase-5V_Maddie&Chase-1 V_Maddie&Chase-6H_Maddie&Chase-5H_Maddie&Chase-6H_Maddie&Chase-9 H_Maddie&Chase-8H_Maddie&Chase-4