From 'Trash the Dress' to 'Glam the Dress'

Do you remember the excitement of finding that perfect wedding gown you’ve been anxiously looking for, it seems like, eternity?  You finally found that dress you’ve dreamt of, you try it on, look in the mirror and think to yourself “This is the one”. You look stunning, and all you want to do is to keep that gorgeous gown and never take it off.  Then you have your first fitting, and maybe another one… and then the big day comes faster than you think, and you get to wear your gown again, but this time your hair is perfect, you wear a beautiful makeup and your shoes match your dress perfectly.  You become a dazzling star on your own wedding day, where no other woman would dare to compete with you.

And then it’s over; just like that.  You become a wife, a mother, a grandmother… and your beautiful wedding gown gets buried deep in your closet to most likely never see the daylight again.

We are all familiar with “Trash the Dress” or “Rock the Frock” idea where you bring your wedding gown and effectively ruin it by getting it wet, dirty or ripped, literally destroying the garment.  I don’t think there are many brides who actually have a desire to ruin their delicate and quite expensive wedding gown in such way…

Well, how about ‘Glam the Dress’ session, where you bring your wedding dress and use it one more time, but this time truly capture the beauty of you in your gown, once again making you feel beyond magnificent.

The pictures below are from Lauren’s Glam the Dress photoshoot.  Lauren & Kevin have been married for almost 3 years… little did she know, she'd be wearing her lovely wedding gown once again.  With a few tweaks we transformed her dress into a timeless gown and gave her another opportunity to shine.

If you still have your wedding gown, I invite you to bring it in for a fun session with a twist!  Trust me, you will love it!

Hair & makeup: Alexandria Noell


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