Glam the Dress with Alexandria | Dunedin Portraits

Glam the Dress with Alexandria | Dunedin Portraits

I take pride in working with hair & makeup artists.  I care about the quality of my work & I strongly believe that professional makeup & hair styling are the key to create high quality portraits.  I have been working with Alexandria Noell for a while now; her work is absolutely beautiful & my clients love her! Alex & I have been talking about her Glam the Dress session for months!  She got married a couple of months ago at The Florida Aquarium in her gorgeous mermaid styled wedding gown.  I decided to go with the theme & created a pearl head piece to go with her dress.  As for location it was very obvious – I had to take her to the beach! Having moved to the new area recently I hadn’t had a chance to scout for locations yet, so the day before the shoot I decided to visit Honeymoon Island State Park and found a perfect space for Alexandria’s session.

Alex is already gorgeous, but with her spotless makeup & beautifully styled hair by talented makeup artist, Darlene Villalobos, she became a true model from the cover of a magazine.

As I listened to Alex telling us her magical wedding story while showing me her dress & accessories, I realized that it's not just about her wedding gown anymore... it was all very significant to her & her family and those details cannot be hidden!

Bouquet – she found the idea on Pinterest and her mother & grandmother offered to make it, incorporating the symbolic pins:

-        Scissors – because Alex is a cosmetologist -        Elephant – because it’s her favorite animal & it’s considered to bring good luck -        Angel – to watch over & protect her -        Penguin – because they had penguins walk down the aisle at the weeding ceremony -        Old picture charm of Alexandria with her parents when she was little.

Dress – as Alex explains: “The week before our wedding my mother and grandmother "kidnapped" my wedding dress and sewed 2 pieces of fabric from my mother’s wedding dress with "Argueta" and "Martin" in blue writing.”

-       Something Old – Alexandria’s last name -       Something New – her new last name -       Something Borrowed – fabric from her mother’s wedding dress -       Something Blue – the color of her last names written on the pieces of fabric

Shoes – As she continues to tell the story: “The tradition of something old, new, borrowed & blue continues with "a sixpence in her shoe".  A sixpence is a form for British currency.  In old tradition it was said for the bride to put a sixpence in her shoe to bring prosperity and wealth to the marriage so my mother tapped a sixpence she had from her coin collection to the bottom of my shoe and then had my father and husband write me a little message on the bottom of each shoe.  It was all very thoughtful!"

Belt – it was originally a center emblem.  Alexandria’s grandmother sewed on more bead-work to go around the entire waist. “It really just added enough “glam” without being overstated” says Alex.

Alexandria is truly beautiful inside & out!  To meet this lovely lady, check out the pictures below!

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