Experience a Couture Portrait Session

We begin with your wardrobe, so bring your favorite look, and choose from my growing selection of custom-design couture dresses.   I think you'll love the wine-colored flower piece that I'm working on now, and there are more!  Next we'll style your hair & do your makeup to bring out those sensual eyes, and discover your secret fashion-model.  Now that you can stop a streaking comet with that beauty, we'll pose with a variety of textured backgrounds using natural light.  This magic is irresistible to the camera, and I can't wait to show you what I see through the lens. I knew that this line of work was a gift which I would forever be drawn to when it all came together; the joy comes from sharing such beauty with the outstanding women I shoot.  Women are gifted with an allure that my camera just can't get enough of, I admire each of you, and want you to see what I see.

Thank you for the overwhelming embrace of my tulle dresses, they've been a fabulous addition to our portrait sessions.  So here I am creating a larger catalogue of designs, because my goal is to ensure that you are always absolutely enticed by your own being while you are having fun!

Let's do a shoot!

V_creme V_Hannah V_light pink Light pink_peachV_Pink ruffle Pink rufflesV_black V_ChasDress-4 Dress-2 Brown_B Brown_V2   Black_V3Dress Dress-A-2