Exist in Photographs

Existing in Photographs

“Exist in photographs for your children. Exist in photographs for your family. I don’t care how much weight you’ve put on… or if you have a bad hair-do… The people who love you don’t care”.  Sue Bryce

If you are one of those people who don’t exist in photographs ask yourself: why?  Are you waiting for that perfect moment, when you loose a few more pounds or for a better outer appearance, or circumstances, letting the time pass without notice and without an image to remember?

I have to admit I don’t exist in many photographs in my childhood, and even now I’m guilty of hiding behind my camera.  I grew up with no experience of being photographed often, simply because my family didn’t own a camera for a very long time.

Growing up I was fascinated by photography, yet not able to lay my hands on a camera until high school…  (read more: ‘Why I Love Portrait Photography’).  Our family never had professional photographs taken, except for my parents’ wedding pictures.

Now that I actually create portraits, I value them much more than ever before… We don’t really realize how important it is to be in photographs. This wonderful technology was given to us for a reason to document and remember our existence.

You don’t need to be perfect… because you already are!  Your family loves you, your friends love you… they don’t look at you and think there is something wrong with you needing to be fixed.  Look at yourself in the mirror and accept that you are beautiful in your own way, and you can feel beautiful in photographs… trust me, I will make you feel absolutely gorgeous!

So don’t wait and book your session now… bring your beloved mother, a daughter, a sister, your husband or someone special… they all want to keep you forever, not just in their hearts, but also in photographs.

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