Embraced by the Water | Annaliese

Embraced by the Water | Annaliese

This is something I’ve wanted to do from the moment we moved to our house back in June.  Having a pool in Florida is a real treat in the summer, but it’s not just the summer I got excited about, but also the opportunity to explore and try new things.  And so it happened.  I met with Bella Ti Artistry and we decided to use our pool for our next shoot!  We had to do this in the middle of the summer to keep our model warm (the water starts to get much cooler in the fall already). I love working with Bella Ti Artistry.  She’s an incredible artist and always amazes me with her creative vision.  You can see it for yourself.  I just love the up-do she did for this shoot, the braids connecting and twisting around Annaliese’s head.  No hair extensions people!  This is all natural hair.  Beautiful woman!

When I say, “model” I don’t really mean professional model.  To me every woman I photograph is my model, and they are all everyday women.  I want all women to feel beautiful and I want them to get the experience of feeling like a model.  I strive to create the best possible image of who she is.  My dream is to see real women on the cover of magazines.  Don’t get me wrong, I love real models, I’ve always enjoyed browsing through magazines and seeing enticing images of beautiful models and I still do!

I remember growing up & looking at these magazines feeling less than the girl on the cover.  I wanted to hide, not feeling pretty enough; always wanting to be someone else… as a result I grew up lacking confidence and self-love.  Anyone else can relate?  I think it would be truly inspiring to see more everyday women in magazines.  What an uplifting experience it would be for a woman, what a boost of confidence and a proof that she truly is beautiful & deserves to feel this way every day.

I LOVED working with Annaliese.  She became my model for this session & truly embraced her new identity.

If you want to become a model for a day & see your own beauty, please, contact me!  We will give you the experience you will never forget.

Hair & makeup: Bella Ti Artistry

A woman with artistic hair style by the water
Beautiful lady soaking in the water
Editorial images of an everyday woman in the water
Embraced by the Water
Gorgeous woman looking straight into the camera
Beauty portrait of an everyday woman in the pool
Editorial glamour portrait of a gorgeous woman wearing pearls in the water

“You are like the ocean… pretty enough on the surface, but dive down into your depths, you will find beauty most people never see”. – Ellen Hopkins

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