Bringing Glamour Session to Equine Estates in Ocala

I love portraits, fashion and glamour.  I’m delighted each time I get to photograph a woman in my studio making her look gorgeous and feel comfortable with who she is.  We “play” hair, makeup and get to dress up. Bringing glamour on location this past weekend put a completely different perspective onto my photography.  I never thought I’d enjoy the variety of surroundings in my portraits.  I’m now eager to explore the meadows, beaches and streets of this exotic land full of sunshine and bring fashion on location.

I used to watch The America’s Next Top Model – yeah, I did.  I saw close to 15 seasons, and with each episode I was drawn into posing, fashion and creative ideas for styled photoshoots.  I didn’t think back then that I would want to bring fashion into my own photography.  And certainly I didn’t think back then that I would be taking portraits of people.  After this past weekend I’m eager to create another styled photoshoot.

Hannah is a high school senior this year, but she’s also a model passionately pursuing her dream.  What I love about her is that she can embrace each look.  I posed her with ease and got the fierce and enticing look I aimed for. We also used one of the tulle dresses I made with a rosy hairpiece bringing more softness into her look.  She looked absolutely stunning and rocked all outfits.  Below are the pictures from the session with Hannah at Equine Estates in Ocala.  Hair & Makeup done by very talented HMUA artist Stephanie L. Moore with B. MOORE ARTistry.

I’m pumped to create more dresses and more styled photoshoots.  So if you’d like to experience something thrilling and unique and walk away with beautiful portraits of yourself or someone you love, just say a word, and I will turn on my creative brain and make you feel and look incredible.

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