Born to Create | Couture Design and Portraits in Tampa Bay

I truly believe I was born to create.  From getting involved with music, singing, playing instruments, composing, painting, crafting, making greeting cards, wax painting… to making couture gowns and taking photographs of women wearing them, I am deeply fulfilled each time I create. I fell behind with blogging in the past few weeks, and even though I should be doing other things right now, I cannot put off another blog post, just because I have a need to share… I've been working a lot more lately, sleeping very little, shooting nearly non stop, editing…  and while driving to various locations, I've been planning my next creations...  my head is bursting with ideas!  Whenever I drive, I look around imagining how I would style the session in the location I just passed.  Not being able to create makes me antsy and bored out of my mind!

I have a beautiful fine art photoshoot coming up in October, and I’m so excited about it!  I found a perfect location, simple yet beautiful styling and two gorgeous sisters.  Can’t wait to photograph this one! And now I’m already working on the next two styled sessions!  I've been dying to create something new!

So I made a new couture gown tonight, but this time completely from scratch.  Up until now, I’ve worked with corsets I purchased that come ready to use.  This time, I decided to entirely build my own corset.

Here is a little sneak peek of today’s creation...  just to give you an idea of a theme…  I will not reveal this gown just yet, until I photograph a beautiful woman in it!  If any of you gorgeous women out there would like an uplifting experience of become a model for a day and leave with a luxurious fine art portrait for a wall & a beautiful album with the images of you, please, contact me!  I have a special package just for fine art portraits! And I would love to photograph you!

Born to Create - Couture Design and Portraits in Tampa Bay