63 and FABULOUS !

I met Rosa in a tough & sweaty kickboxing gym; she was a long time gym member. She's the type of woman who inspires you with her energy, graceful attitude, and passion for fitness, but can also knock a heavy bag into place. I eventually learned that she's also an amazing dancer with a smile that never fades... Maybe it's the Peruvian diet? All of my portrait shoots are unique, and when Rosa showed up to my studio in Seattle for our shoot I was especially excited.

We sent her husband, Carlos, out for a pleasant walk and begun her beauty makeover with a cup of tea. I styled her hair, as we chatted about life. With her hair styled, and makeup looking glamorous we arranged her outfits, and the shoot began!

The shoot was pure joy, and when her husband returned I posed them together... WOW!

We met sometime later at their home on Camano Island, enjoyed whale-watching, a DELICIOUS Peruvian dinner, and viewed photos from our shoot. It was time well spent in good company.

I'm convinced that they are a model of the perfect couple, and I adore them! Below are highlights from the session. So you see, Rosa's not just tough & intimidating, there's also lot of fun & beauty traveling in her wake.

Thank you Rosa and Carlos!

V-Rosa-375-1   V-Rosa-375-2   V-Rosa-375-3

V-Rosa-375-4   V-Rosa-375-5   V-Rosa-375-6