Alyssa's HS Senior portraits

HS Senior pictures are no longer just about getting a yearbook picture taken. It's about documenting this stage of their life; saying good bye's to their teenage life and welcoming adulthood... it's their last year with friends they grew up with and their last year at home and under their parents wings. 

I always like to hear about my seniors' passions and hobbies... those very special things to their heart.  Alyssa has a big heart for animals... she loves her dogs and cats, and volunteers her time at the local shelter.  She has a lot of amazing warm-hearted stories about her shelter friends that melted my heart, and she has the fuzziest and softest cats I've ever seen! 
Another passion of hers is paddle-boarding, and she's really good at it.  She also wanted to incorporate the vintage chair in her shoot... which luckily I was able to rent from Ever After Vintage Weddings, my favorite place to rent! 

We had such a great time with Alyssa... it was a long day, but we captured variety of different looks and visited a couple of beautiful locations, including dipping our toes in the Gulf waters... :) 

Hair by: Yara


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