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Beautiful legacy portrait of three generations

I met Leesa at one of the networking groups... we sat next to each other and started conversation... she was telling me about how she's been living life filled with experiences rather than things. She told me how she'd take her daughter to a movie and dinner... or for pedicure... or to a theme park... every month, she'd come up with something new for them to do, something they've never done before. I was fascinated to hear her stories, and loved the idea of consistently trying new things. 
So when she found out about our sessions, she booked generations photo shoot for her daughter, mother and mother-in-law. Leesa confessed that they haven't had pictures taken in many years, so this experience was even more special to her. 
There is nothing more rewarding than going through an experience all together and ending up with legacy portraits that will last lifetime. 
When was the last time you had your photographs taken? 

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Portrait of a gorgeous mother-in-law
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Grandmother and her granddaughter photograph
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