Celebrating Womanhood | Angela

Celebrating womanhood

Angela is one of the most amazing women I know. I've worked with her for close to three years now. She's a professional stylist, beauty educator, speaker with over 28 years of experience doing hair, nails, spa & makeup. She's very professional, an incredible people connecter and such a kind-hearted woman.  I've been trying to talk her into doing her portrait shoot for a while, and she finally said YES! 

Here is what she said: 

"Leaving up with anticipation before getting my photoshoot with Lucy, it had brought the feelings go through me... good, bad and the ugly. Why is it that we, women, have these negative feelings about ourselves?! When I approached Lucy about my shoot I knew there was a lot of reasons for which I needed to do this. Celebrating motherhood, celebrating womanhood, and celebrating me! Leading up to the shoot I had so many mixed feelings... I felt I was too fat, I was too ugly, I needed to buy different clothes, I didn't have anything nice to wear. It was the evil voices in my head trying to make me not to go... But with Lucy's guidance and her beautiful soul to help empower women and make them feel beautifully amazing, I pushed myself to get my bag together and to just show up.
I knew she wouldn't let me cancel the shoot again. Well, I didn't and it was the best thing I've ever done. I felt like a princess. No one ever gets to experience hair and make up like she offers, and then be able to get all dressed up and be photographed in the privacy of her studio, feeling like the day Is all about them. Not to mention that when I got to see the pictures I had tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe it was me. She not only brought my inner beauty out she showed me how to feel good about who I am and what I have to offer.
Every woman should experience this in every stage of the life. You will never be perfectly perfect for everything that you want to do and you'll always make excuses. 
As a hair and make up artist for celebrity clientele. I got to feel the way they feel every day. After that day something happened. I started realizing that I needed to do things for myself more often and feel good about myself. Every time I feel down and look at those pictures and I think "wow that's me!" 
My experience with Lucy at her studio couldn't have been more special and it was so much more than just a photo shoot. Thanks again Lucy, you are truly the best!"

HMUA: VIP Beauty Stylist

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