Why I work with professional Hair & Makeup Artists

professional hair & makeup artist doing makeover

You might be wondering why I include professional makeup and hair styling in all my portraits and glamour sessions.  

Aside from getting pampered and feeling beautiful in front of the camera, I believe that something shifts inside of every woman who experiences the services of a professional.

Just take a look at some of the before and after images HERE and notice how different these women appear before and after the makeover. Each time I see this shift of confidence, I click my shutter and take that picture, because it's just so beautiful to see this boost of confidence in a woman. 
These pictures are there to remind her that she's beautiful and she's confident, and she can choose to feel this way every day. 

The makeover is meant to enhance your features; it's meant to make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera; it's meant to give you a polished look, particularly with business head shots. Often times I advice my clients to allow more makeup for pictures, knowing that the camera will take some of it away. You might not realize it, but your makeup doesn't appear as strong in pictures as it does in real life. Professional hair & makeup artists know exactly how to apply makeup for pictures, and this is just another reason I love working with professionals. 

This type of makeover is definitely not there to teach you that you "should" do your hair and makeup daily, and that you are not complete without it. You absolutely can if you have the time and if this is something you really want to do daily; but the truth is, the confidence that comes from your natural look on day to day basis, is the most powerful confidence there is. When you love and accept yourself for who you are without adding anything to your natural look, you gain the confidence deep within yourself, and that's the most powerful way to live your life.

The bottom line is, get your hair & makeup done for professional pictures, get pampered for special occasions, enhance your features with a little bit of makeup going to work or out with your friends, but most of all be yourself & live your life loving who you are. :) 

behind the scenes picture of hair & makeup artist at work
young woman getting makeover for her photoshoot
beautiful mother getting pampered for her photo session
picture of makeup products

Below: Thank you Bella Ti Artistry for this BTS shot! 

Behind the scenes of a photoshoot