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Women's portraits and being photogenic

We all heard a phrase "I'm not photogenic". Perhaps, you said it yourself? So how photogenic are you? And what does it really mean to be photogenic? Is it a real "thing", or just an excuse to avoid something... 

There are a few main reasons why someone would express not being photogenic:

1. They don't visually like something about themselves.

2. They don't think they "need" to be in photographs saying that they are not as important. 

3. They try to avoid the discomfort of being in front of the camera.

All these reasons come down to low self-esteem and lack of self-love.  So does "not being photogenic" really exist, or is this just an excuse to face an uncomfortable situation?  

We all love comfort. And there is nothing wrong with that, except we tend to forget the difference between a real life comfort and the comfort of avoiding challenging situations, aka discomfort we are faced with. As silly as it sounds, the excuse of "not being photogenic" (not getting in front of the camera) is just a discomfort of facing the result we do not wish to see. 

Here is the real kick. It's NOT your job to be photogenic. Hire a photographer who's work speaks to you, and trust he/she will capture the best of you. It is not your job to know how to pose yourself in pictures or what your best angle is.. It's photographer's job to guide you through the process and capture you in the most flattering way. 

And if you are someone who never takes selfies, because you think you are "not photogenic", get in front of the mirror and learn a couple of poses you can pull out of a bag next time someone takes a picture of you. Look in the mirror daily, and instead of bashing what you hate, start noticing the good side of you. Give yourself some love ladies! Because the truth is, you are the only one seeing your "imperfections", no one else does. 

So next time you have this urge to tell someone "I'm not photogenic", stop right there, and give yourself permission to allow them to capture you, because you are perfect the way you are and others will treasure a photograph of you. 


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