Makeover Headshot Marathon

Behind the scenes pictures of makeover photoshoot

If you are a business owner, you know it's important to keep your headshots up to date. Often times we take pictures to capture memories, but headshots are not about memories; headshots are photographs with purpose. They define your brand and create first impression before you even meet your client. 

Each time you change your outer appearance, hair style, loose weight, or even change your job, you should get your headshot up to date. HERE are a few things you should consider in headshots. 

Since headshots are essential in promoting you and your business, Lucyna Aleksandra Portraits partnered up with VIP Beauty Stylist to give you an opportunity to create professional look for you at our Makeover Headshot Marathon! 

Sessions are to be booked in advance, as the seats are very limited. We will get you started with professional hair & makeup styling to your liking, followed by a photoshoot with 2 different looks and variety of poses. One week after the shoot you will receive an online gallery with your images, where you will choose your 5 images that come with the package. 

Event details:

Every 3rd Thursday of the month
Professional Hair & Makeup
45 min Photoshoot
2 outfits
Online Gallery Proofing
5 Digital Images

* Limited seats available
* Non-refundable fee required to book

Call or email for more information and to book your shoot! 

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Email:  [email protected]

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Makeover Headshot Marathon