Thirty, Flirty and Thriving with Jenn | Brandon Photographer

Celebrating thirty, flirty and thriving with Jenn

Meet Jennifer! 

Celebrating thirty, flirty and thriving! Jennifer's session was a blast! She's a good friend of mine, and she's absolutely gorgeous in and out!  She's a loving wife, a mother of two adorable kids, amazing newborn photographer, and she's incredibly crafty. I mean, there is nothing she can't fix, or create. And if she doesn't know how, she will figure it out. 

Jennifer wanted to celebrate her 30th birthday this year with boudoir photoshoot among many other things she did for her special day. Every year Jennifer takes a week to celebrate her birthday; each day of the week, she does something special for herself... this session was just one of few things she chose to experience, and I couldn't be more happy to photograph her for her birthday! 
When I worked for Corporate, each year I took a week off of work to celebrate my birthday, so I know that awesome feeling of celebrating for days, doing the things you love. I mean, how awesome is THAT!!! 

One of the things she did prior to photoshoot was her fabulous haircut. She definitely knows how to prepare for a session. :) 

Since I won't be displaying any boudoir images from her amazing session, I took a few beautiful and sexy glamour portraits to capture her personality and beauty. Happy birthday Jennifer!! 

Hair & makeup by Alex with Bella Ti Artistry

A picture of makeup application
Glamour beauty portraits
Beautiful woman posing for glamour portraits
Gorgeous head shots of a woman in light pink sexy dress
Sexy glamour portraits of Jenn