Couture Beauty Session with Wendy

Couture beauty session with Wendy

I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoyed photographing Wendy.  I met Wendy at one of the events in Tampa. The moment I saw her approaching my vendor table, I thought to myself: "Oh, I'd love to photograph her!".  She was so beautiful and had a big, sincere smile on her face.  So beautiful and genuine. 

The next day I got a call from her, and we set up the time to meet and get to know each other, while planning her session. She's an inspiring model and actress and we wanted to create variety of looks for her. It was a long and tiring day of shooting, but ah, so rewarding! 

Wendy comes from a small village, Gabane in Botswana, Africa.  She's an incredibly inspiring woman, with beautiful life story... you can read more about her on her blog, make sure to check it out!  
A woman who transformed her life from a shy, timid girl with low self-esteem and lack of self-love, to a powerful and joyful being, spreading the love and confidence wherever she goes.  Sometimes I think I was drawn to her because of the similarities in who we used to be, and how far we've come. 

Wendy, you are such a joy and such beautiful being in and out.  Thank you for sharing your story with me, I'm so thrilled to know you. 

Hair & makeup: VIP Beauty Stylist 

Wendy's makeover with Angela

Above: Wendy's makeover with fabulous Angela at VIP Beauty Stylist

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Beautiful headshot of Wendy
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