Beauty Portraits with Nina

Beauty portraits with Nina

One of the perks of having friends, who are also photographers, is that they usually don't hide from the camera and are willing to pose for fellow sisters :) This time I got to photograph my dear friend, Nina. As you might guess, this gorgeous face is also one of our Tampa Shutter Sisters.  

It was a small and impromptu shoot;  I wanted to test the new strobes and take some beauty head shots of Nina...  I've been working on designing an elegant couture styled shoot for her for the longest time, so in the meantime, I asked if she wouldn't mind getting in front of my camera for some portraits.  As a result I ended up calling my fabulous friend and shutter sister, Jess, to join me in this little shooting adventure.  

Nina came with her own hair and makeup.  She always looks polished to perfection; such natural beauty! 
I had two set ups in my studio space, one as natural light set, and another with strobes and my still new 72" parabolic umbrella. 
These images are a mix of both, strobes and natural light.  If you know me, you know how much I love natural light, but I have to admit, I actually like the strobes, and already used them a few times since then.  

Profile portrait of a beautiful young woman using strobes

Above: used a set of Neewer 300W strobes, one with 72" parabolic umbrella and one as a fill light with a soft box. 

Gorgeous young lady posing for fashion styled shoot
Gorgeous headshots of a woman in black
Stunning head shots of a girl looking over her shoulder