International Women's Day | Celebrate YOU

Gorgeous woman on International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day ladies!   

For most today is just like any other day.  However, you have the ability to make today AMAZING!  Make sure to treat yourself extra special.  Not just today, but every day.  And not because today is International Women's Day, but because you deserve it!  

Growing up in Poland, we celebrated Women’s Day every year.  And every year all the boys in our family remembered to show us their appreciation, respect and love on Women’s Day, showering us with flowers and sometimes chocolates.  Such a small gesture, but I never forget how it made me feel… more important than I thought I deserved to be.  
After all these years I’m deeply appreciative of my parents teaching me the importance of Women’s Day.  It took me a long time, but I eventually learned to give myself permission to feel loved and be good to myself more often without feeling guilty or not deserving.   

Remember it’s not about others showing their appreciation (although, it is always nice when others help us to feel awesome), but it’s a reminder for you to be good to yourself every day.  So next time you have that internal conversation in your head about how you don’t like to look at yourself in the mirror, how “fat” you are, how you hate yourself in pictures, how you don’t deserve to take a break when you most need it, how you are not noticed, not understood by others… STOP right there!  Stop telling yourself how awful you are!  You are so much more than what you think!  Allow yourself to feel beautiful and be good to yourself, because you are enough and you deserve the best from YOU.  And most of all you don’t need anyone’s approval, but your own. 

With that said, go ladies!  Make today AH-MAZING!  And then wake up tomorrow, and the next day… and create another amazing day, every day, just for you!   XO 

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