Product Spotlight | Framed Art

Framed art

Today I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite products, Framed Art!  Framed art is a great way to nicely display your images on the wall of your house. 

Above is a 9-up frame, which is something I've been wanting to bring into my collection of portraits for the longest time.  It is a selection of nine 5x7 prints matted in 24x30 frame.  

Below you will see a 4-up frame, which is a collection of four 7x10 prints matted in 22'x22' frame.  This collection of prints is great for various image orientations, vertical and horizontal.  

What I love about these framed pieces is that you can display multiple prints, all in one frame.  Plus, the 4-up is a bit smaller in size and can nicely fit in tighter spaces.  I seriously LOVE these sets and can't stop starring at them (even though it's not me in those pictures lol).  They look classy and elegant. 

Wall prints are there to remind you of those special people in your life.  Each time you walk by them, they will spark the memories you shared and make your smile.  If you know me, you know how much I love wall art.  When you walk into my house, you will see the whole wall covered with prints.  In fact, all the walls in the main area of our house are covered with wall art! 
I have a couple of wall prints of my husband hanging on the walls of my office.  Each time I lean back in my chair and take my eyes off of my computer screen, I look at him and smile.  I smile because I remember the time when those pictures were taken and because I'm reminded how blessed I am to be married to such an amazing man. 

With that said, I encourage you to print your pictures and preserve your memories to last! 

Beautiful wall art