HS Senior Portrait Session | Shae

HS senior portrait session with Shae

I love the tradition of High School graduates getting their High School Senior portraits taken.  Where I come from HS Senior portraits didn't exist when I was growing up.  I don't have a beautiful photo of myself graduating from my school, capturing my last moments of the innocent teenage life.  This is probably why I love High School Senior portraits so much... because I love the idea of documenting another big milestone in their life, the year of goodbyes and the beginning of new journey... And from my perspective, It's about giving HS seniors the experience of the actual photoshoot to make them feel at their best, where their self-esteem and confidence just blossom. 

I really enjoyed photographing Shae.  I love when High School seniors bring to the shoot something, that represents their interests, pride and passion.  Well, Shae has a nice, big truck. We just couldn't leave it behind and brought it into her photoshoot!  The truck is literally massive, but Shae looks so good in it.  She's amazingly tall and lean and you can tell, she owns it. :) 

Can't wait to see what her future brings!  

HMUA: Yara

Headshot portrait of young woman

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