Spread Your Wings Butterfly | Creative Shoot with Avarie

Creative shoot with Avarie

"Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness, yet become something beautiful" - unknown

I love butterflies. Always loved them... so gentle and free. I remember when I learned how fragile they are when I was little. I caught a tiny white butterfly when visiting my grandma. It was sitting on the grass. I shouted "butterfly!" and took that poor creature into my hands, too late for my mother to warn me that if I touch its wings, it will die. I remember how guilty I felt... ever since then I respected and admired butterflies fascinated with their beautiful colors and wings that take them places we can't even imagine. 

For me butterflies are a symbol of strength and transformation regardless of how fragile they might seem. The fact that they are not born this way, but become beautiful and majestic through a challenge of painful transformation, is just real. 

This is why I wanted to do this butterfly styled creative shoot. I photographed Avarie (my beautiful model and an amazing up and coming makeup artist) a couple of years back, with her sister, Connor, at the HS senior session at the Avalon Stables in Tampa

I remember her being so fascinated with getting her own makeover by Bella Ti Artistry. So I reached out to her last year with the idea of butterfly shoot, where she could explore her creativity more and do her own makeup to model for me. 

Angela with VIP Beauty Stylist styled Avarie's hair. She incorporated a black piece to create mode dimension. Everything worked so well together. Avery was fantastic! Her makeup was detailed and perfect; and she was a perfect model for this shoot. 

"What if that change you are avoiding is the one that gives you wings" - unknown

Makeup & Model: Avarie Williams
Hair: VIP Beauty Stylist

Beauty shots of a model styled as a butterfly

"The caterpillar has to suffer silently in a cocoon in order to become a butterfly. Change is painful in the beginning but worth it in the end" - Jaykaran Sagar

A beautiful girl holding a sunflower and looking down her shoulder
Transformation into a butterfly session with Avarie

"With brave wings she flies" - unknown

A butterfly shoot headshot
A model posing as a sleeping butterfly
Sleeping butterfly transforming from a caterpillar

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly" - unknown

Portrait of a woman dressed as butterfly sleeping in the tree
A butterfly waking up after transformation

"Your time as a caterpillar expired. Your wings are ready" 

Headshot of a model looking down at the butterfly
Final image from the butterfly shoot