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Following my last blog post, this is the first post revealing the portrait of the founder of The Affirmations Project and breast cancer survivor, Adriana Pabon, an incredible woman I'm honored to know and call my friend. Her Affirmation word is Love... read below to find out why.... You can also follow her story HERE and HERE. So much gratitude to this woman, as she's effected many lives... and just keeps spreading the love. 
Thank you Adriana for your support when I needed it, and being such a strong drive to inspire others.  

LA: A few words about yourself:  
Adriana: As the founder of The Affirmations Project I strive to do What I preach.  Loving and accepting ourselves takes a lot of work, I make a conscious effort to be kind to myself and talk to myself the way I talk to my love ones.  

LA: What is your Affirmation word? And why?
Adriana: LOVE. Because it is my stronger ally.  There were  times in my life when I felt like giving up.  There were times in my life when I thought there was no reason to keep going.  It if wasn't because of love I wouldn't be here today.  Every time I felt I was reaching bottom LOVE lifted me up, it showed me life was worth living and that I was worth saving. 

LA: How did you feel when you saw your images for the first time?
Adriana: I was overwhelmed by joy.  When I saw everyone's images not just mine I was relieved, they really did tell the story The Affirmations Project intended to tell the world. The  images talked about self-acceptance, self-love, confidence.  I saw beautiful, confident, brave women healing and inspiring other women to heal. I cried because I knew then we had accomplished our mission to promote self-love.  It was a magical moment.

LA: How did this project affect you?  
Adriana: It energized me to continue with my mission. I was exhausted, there were a lot of long sleepless nights leading up to the day (week) of the event, but seeing the final product and seeing and receiving the moving messages and positive feedback from many many motivated me to continue going.  I hope to make The Affirmations Project bigger and better, I am can't wait for next year!

LA: What are some words of empowerment you want to share with other women?  
Adriana: Words are powerful what we say we are we will become.  Forgive yourself for your mistakes, let go of the past, move on.  Don't let the pain of the past determine the rest of your life, you and only you can make you better. Be kind choose your words wisely, you are listening

LA: Any other comments?
Adriana: Choose your affirmation, look for that word that makes you smile because you know in your heart that is who you really are.  Say it out loud, repeat it everyday.  Inspire others around you to do the same, self-love is contagious :) Remember, our younger generations are watching us.  What do you want them to see?

Founder of The Affirmations ProjectAdriana Pabon
Support from High Hopes in High Heels
Photographers: Lucyna Aleksandra Portraits & Michelle Caudle with Silver Moon Custom Art & Photography
Videography:  Alex & AJ at AC Square Productions Check out their VIDEO HERE
Body paint artist: Emma Kenemer
Hair stylists: Suzie Reed with iStyle Salon and Brian Ross with Darren Pena Salon 
Makeup artists: Brenda IrizarryAshley Cantero (LAC Makeup Art), and an assistantTaylor Rodriguez