Empowered by Strength - Becky | The Affirmations Project

Empowering strength with Becky - the affirmations project

Meet Becky, this Strong and Beautiful woman! One of eleven brave women who participated in The Affirmations Project 2016. When I met Becky prior to the shoot, she seemed to be a bit nervous about being part of this project and the unknown of what she was getting into. On the other hand she was excited to push herself out of her comfort zone by doing something so bold. 
On the day of the photo shoot, Becky was the first one in line for the makeover and body painting, followed by the photo shoot. This is such a vulnerable space for any woman, and especially those of us who still hold on to the thought of not being perfect... She was nervous and uncomfortable at first, but as we got started and as she saw other women getting their body painted, she became more comfortable in her own skin, and it was so beautiful to see! 
Becky is so brave and beautiful. Her Affirmation Word is STRONG. Read below to find out why... and about her experience with The Affirmations Project... 

LA: A few words about yourself.
I’m a mother of one son, grandmother of 2 grandsons.  I’ve been married for 43 years this month.  I also happen to be a 2x Breast Cancer survivor. 

LA: What made you decide to join The Affirmations Project model team? 
 I’d NEVER done anything like this before.  I decided it was about time.

LA: What is your Affirmation word? And why?
 Strong…….. I know I am strong.  My husband spent 23 years in the Air Force.  I loved the military life, but it can be lonely not having your family nearby.  About 10 years ago my husband got sick.  We have been struggling with his chronic illness ever since.  Then I got breast cancer AGAIN.  It’s difficult at times.  But, I still look forward to living life, going on vacations, spending time with friends, watching my grandsons grow up and my future.  I consider that strong..  

LA: How did you feel when you saw your images for the first time?
 I wanted to cry.  They were beautiful.

LA: How did this project affect you?  
 It just made me feel special.  And pretty.  I’ve never felt so pretty before.

LA: What are some words of empowerment you want to share with other women? 
 You just keep getting up in the morning and moving forward.  I’m not going to say there are never in bad days, because there are.  But, the GOOD days are really good.  And so worth it.


Founder of The Affirmations ProjectAdriana Pabon
Support from High Hopes in High Heels
Photographers: Lucyna Aleksandra Portraits & Michelle Caudle with Silver Moon Custom Art & Photography
Videography:  Alex & AJ at AC Square Productions Check out their VIDEO HERE
Body paint artist: Emma Kenemer
Hair stylists: Suzie Reed with iStyle Salon and Brian Ross with Darren Pena Salon 
Makeup artists: Brenda Irizarry, Ashley Cantero (LAC Makeup Art), and an assistant Taylor Rodriguez

Portrait of a woman with a word Strong on her chest