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Inspiring Alison at The Affirmations Project photoshoot

Meet inspiring and beautiful Alison! Alison's Affirmation Word is INSPIRATION and this is who she truly is! What I love about her, is that she made a conscious decision to become inspiration to other women even during the hard times in her life.  Follow Alison's story below and you can find her on The Affirmations Project website HERE

LA: A few words about yourself.
Alison: I'm Alison Leber. I'm 41. I have two amazing sons, Zackare 21 and Jarrett 20. I have been an Occupational Therapy Assistant in the elderly population.

LA: What made you decide to join The Affirmations Project model team? 
I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 40. I felt that was young. Cancer is so indiscriminatory that woman and men at an earlier age need to know as much as possible about early detection for increased survival. I decided to be part of this team of women to raise awareness and make this a conversation that is no longer avoided or taboo.

LA: What is your Affirmation word? And why?
My word of affirmation is inspiration. I've been through struggles and adversities that have challenged my strength, my courage, my will to fight. I have always conquered these obstacles. I knew I was beating cancer! But during my battle people reached out to tell me I was an inspiration to them. Either in the past or during my recent battle. That proved to me that someone is always watching! I always want to be an inspiration!

LA: How did you feel when you saw your images for the first time?
Alison: I cried when I saw them the first time. I kept thinking I looked beautiful and loved the colors. I didn't look for flaws or things I would change. I was just blown away.
LA: How did this project affect you?  
Alison: Being a part of this project truly was a huge part in my healing process. 

LA: What are some words of empowerment you want to share with other women? 
Alison: Be the happiest you, you can be!


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