Test Shoot with Jessica

Test shoot with Jessica

Um, yes, I have gorgeous friends.  And I'm so blessed they don't mind posing for me when I need a model :)  I just repainted my old backdrops and wanted to test the new colors, so I messaged Jessica to come over and play with me.  
Well, she came straight from the gym!  But it didn't matter, she looks stunning covered in sweat or rose flower petals, this girl can work any look! 

To make it more interesting we used this new accessory I got at the recent Flight Festival in Wesley Chapel.  I never used it before, so I figured I might as well test it in case I wanted to use it for one of my clients.  I love the way it looks on her!  We used it as a head and neck piece, and I'm sure we could come up with many other uses if we had more time to shoot... well, so here it is.  Enjoy the images and this gorgeous face. :) 

Testing new backdrops at the photoshoot
Gorgeous model smiling sincerely
Headshot of a model looking down on the chalkboard backdrop
Headshot using new head piece accessory