HS Senior Boho Styled Session | part 1

HS senior Boho styled session

If you've been following me for a while you know I help to run a group of women photographers in Tampa Bay, Tampa Shutter SIsters. Every now and then, we create styled shoot for our photographers to boost their portfolio, bond with each other and do what we all love doing most - take pictures. 

For last summer's event, we organized HS senior boho styled photo shoot with five young "models" and an amazing team of vendors at one of our local Tampa parks, Cypress Pointe Park.  
It took a lot of time and effort to create this event.  Usually we'd have one or two models to photograph, this time however, we decided to go big, and brought more people into the production of this shoot than ever before. 

We had a pleasure to work with some amazing vendors!  

Cassandra with Ever After Vintage Weddings, created this gorgeous setup for us.  I managed to snap some detail shots (see pictures below).  This woman is truly talented and the most creative woman I've ever known.  She will create your most perfect vision! 

DKM Accessories in Tampa; this small boutique has a large selection of beautifully designed jewelry.  Loved browsing through their shiny collections! 

Our amazing hair and makeup artists were fun and very efficient and did such a beautiful job getting our models all pampered and ready for the shoot.  If you are in need of any hair & makeup services, make sure to check them out, they are all truly talented: Bella Ti Artistry, Kristin Lawler and Megan Fantle.

We arrived to Cypress Pointe Park a little bit before start time to finish styling our models, after which we send our photographers off to the beach to photograph our models with Cassandra's set up.  
I could see a dark cloud hovering over to the north, but didn't think of it twice.  I had no idea that a Mother Nature had different plans for us that weekend.   
I was just about to walk over to our location on the beach to join the girls already taking pictures of our models, when I saw the girls hurrying back carrying all the props and setup back from the beach...  It all happened so quickly!  None of us escaped the monsoon, getting stuck on the beach, helplessly trying to hide and wait it out...  for brief moment we hoped it would stop, thinking "it's Florida, it'll go away soon"... well, it didn't.  This heavy rain covered Tampa with quickly raising water turning the city into unforgettable weekend of massive flooding.  
As a result, of course we had to cut our event short.  

Planning outdoor events on a summer day in Florida can be very risky, yet we took our chances and still managed to take a few pictures of the girls.  All our girls got home safely; some had to travel for long hours battling traffic and trying to avoid getting stuck on the streets of Tampa.  
It was definitely a day full of adventure and something to remember... 

Hair stylist: Kristin Lawler & Bella Ti Artistry
Makeup: Bella Ti Artistry & Megan Fantle
Jewelry: DKM Accessories
Styling: Ever After Vintage Weddings  

Young lady getting her eyelashes curled
Applying eyeliner for the photoshoot
A young girl is watching her friend getting her makeup
Getting makeup done for a photoshoot
Hairstyling for a photo session
Mirror reflection of hair stylist and her client
Young girls hanging out while getting ready for a photoshoot
A vase with grapes
Close up pictures of the details for boho styled session
Gorgeous setup by Ever After Vintage Weddings
Beautiful boho styled set up
Beautiful arrangement at the beach at Cypress Pointe Park
Detail shot of boho styled arrangement