Rustic session at the Turkey Creek Stables in Plant City

Rustic session at the Turkey Creek Stables in Plant City

I love this rustic session at the Turkey Creek Stables in Plant City.  It was a very special photoshoot for one of my shutter sisters, Marilyn, and her horse Skippy… not just any horse, but a rescue horse, and seeing how much this session meant to Marilyn & how much care she put into preparing Skippy for this photoshoot, was just heartwarming.  It was Marilyn’s dream to be photographed with Skippy in a big couture gown making her feel like a fairytale princess; so we just had to make it happen for her.  

Aside from pictures with Skippy, Marilyn brought her dear friend, Jessica, to be part of this shoot as well.  With beautiful makeup by my friend and shutter sister, Jessica, and a couple of couture gowns, we had a blast capturing these two gorgeous ladies.  

I just found out that Skippy has been going through rough couple of weeks.... keeping her in my thoughts and hoping she will feel better soon.  

Hair & makeup: Jessica Edler
Models: Marilyn & Jessica

Women getting ready for the photoshoot

Meet Marilyn...

Jessica's hair and makeup before the photoshoot

...and Jessica. 

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