Earthy Garden Couture Gown

Earthy garden couture gown

This blog post is about the earthy garden couture gown I finally got to photograph last week.  I had been waiting for this session since September of 2014 with the gown hanging on my dress form patiently waiting to be worn for the first time… Ah, how anxious I was to photograph one lucky lady in it!! :) 

I love all the styled sessions Bella Ti Artistry and I have done together, but this one was very special to me personally, because I made this gown from scratch.  I wanted to share with you how I came to create my very first handmade corset. I’ve been collecting corsets for the past 2+ years, but deep down I wanted to make my own unique piece of wardrobe… 

I was strolling around the store one day and while walking by the kitchen / home apparel department I noticed a rich green-colored texture… I took it in my hands trying to feel the texture with my fingers, while bending the pieces in each direction… and all of a sudden I had a clear vision of my new design.  I didn’t think twice, I grabbed this gorgeous textured item, which happened to be a set of placemats (yep, simple dinning placemats).  I couldn’t wait to get back home and play with them… 

The trick about corsets is that they are supposed to shape your waist by pulling the strings in the back making the corset tight & fit around the waist.  I took a couple of placemats, layered them partially overlapping each other and used hot glue to seal them together.  Since the placemats are quite fragile & see-through, I had to find a way to give them more support & make them wearable.  
I attached a piece of black fabric underneath the placemats and tied black ribbons in the back for closing the piece around the waist.  I then made a tulle skirt using about 70 yards of tulle to create lots of volume.  I took another piece of placemat and created a headpiece, bending it and attaching greenery & flowers to the top of it.  

The colors of placemats & the greenery matched perfectly!  It all took long hours, days of design and labor, but the outcome was just as envisioned.  I will be sharing the images from the session later on… so stay tuned for more! 

Dinning placemat as a base for handmade couture hat
Handmade couture hat to wear with couture gown
The side and the back of the dress